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From Hands-free to Hands-on: A Dive into the Hobbies That Can Help You Unplug and Unwind

There’s no denying that the advancement of technology has helped us progress as a society. But, as they say, too much of anything is good for nothing — and this holds especially true when it comes to tech. Our current digitally driven lifestyle, though convenient, can also lead to a slew of problems. In fact, it can have adverse effects on our mental and physical health, since getting immersed into the online world can make us lose touch with the real one. At a time where going completely tech-free is near impossible, many of us find ourselves nostalgic for simpler times.


New year’s resolution idea: Home renovation

As cliché as it sounds, there certainly is value in using the beginning of the year as a fresh start, whether you’re working on fixing your diet, picking up a new hobby, or starting a reading habit. In addition to working on yourself, the new year is also a good time to take on the task of redecorating your home — after all, home is where the heart is.

If you’re on the lookout for what’s new in the world of home decor, look no further. This curated list of the most popular interior design fads for 2019 will be your guide to a renovation that shows you’re in with the times.


The Future of Solar Power

Climate change and other environmental issues have been a hot topic lately, with many people making the shift towards a sustainable lifestyle. As such, we’re constantly looking for alternatives to the petroleum-based energy that currently dominates our lives. And while there are several options for renewable energy sources, solar energy seems to come out on top. After all, every place on Earth receives at least some sunlight, if not a lot. But while harvesting this energy is easy, it’s not very pretty. Traditional methods of solar harvesting are large, and often clunky — in bulk they can even be an eyesore. Sustainability is all well and good, but why should we sacrifice aesthetics for it? Now, thanks to researchers at Michigan State University, we don’t have to.


5 Green Resolutions for an Eco-friendly 2019

Each day, the headlines spell out new horrors awaiting our environment — from vanishing trees to frothing lakes, we feel like we’ve seen it all. If we are to trust scientific predictions for our beloved ‘Garden City’, the future looks bleak. This heartbreaking state of affairs has pushed everyone from the government to citizen groups towards adopting more environment-friendly practices, a change that’s empowering Bangaloreans to impact their surroundings positively.


The Ultimate 2018 Recap of Bhartiya City

True to its nature, another year has passed us by swiftly and surely — leaving us all breathless in its wake. What once felt like a distant possibility is now a memory in all our minds. And before these memories fade away, as memories tend to do, we at Bhartiya City want to capture them for posterity. So, come join us as we open the album of our community’s most-cherished moments from 2018 — the ones that made our days and our year.


Let’s Keep it Simple

For as long as there have been great civilisations, there have been people looking to break away from the stress of the status quo. The quest for a happy, satisfying life has spawned several philosophies — no two exactly like. Every culture seems to have weighed in on the topic of happy living, combining their values and lifestyles to create the perfect formula to detach from the commotion of everyday life. So if your New Year’s resolution is to enjoy life a little more, why not look around the world for inspiration? These ideas could help you get started.


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