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Bhartiya City is a city that started with an advantage. We had learnings. All kinds of learnings from all the greatest cities of the world. What makes one city safer than another? What are the kind of spaces that people enjoy being in? How a city inculcates healthy living habits among its citizens. Everyone today speaks of sustainability. Only some have managed them. Why? How a city can make life easier for its residents by cutting down on unnecessary effort. The more we learnt, the more we went back to the blue-print. This was certainly not a city built in a day.

When the city will be almost ready, it will have smart written all over it. This city will be one of the few in the world featuring a brain. (We call it the Central Command Centre.) We will now be able to see a problem, solve it, ensure that it doesn’t happen again, all before it even is a problem. Anticipation is key to the smooth running of a city. With a brain such as this, and with cameras that double up as wi-fi spots and street-lamps we will to keep a watch on the city. We will consume less and extract more from available resources. Money saved by us, is money earned by you.

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As citizens of this city, you’ll be able to access most of what it’s got to offer on your phone. Enter, an app called Whimbl. Book a show, book a table, book a court, replenish your groceries, get your car washed, you get the idea. If you are a husband responsible for the chores of your household, this simple app should make you a happy man indeed.

This is a city where you will live close to your work. Chances are high you will cycle to work. Yes, it’s a major convenience. Yes, you will spend far less on petrol. But the best part from the perspective of the environment is that your cars will spend hours more every week in the parking lot. Environmentalists around the world will want to hug this city for this. There will be a healthcare facility here, the best in the world, that believes as much in prevention as in the cure. There will be learning centres and a school that will instil the belief in every child that he or she can change the world.

More and more cities today are hoping to turn into smart cities in the coming years. Bhartiya City, unlike any of them was born smart. Humble, this city is not.

Technology should make life easy. It should bring you things that you couldn’t have earlier. It should help you get the most out of you. It should give you more time, It should be those invisible hands that gets things done, so you don’t have to move yours. (Much.)

Here’s Whimbl. Among the many innovations in a Nikoo Home, this might be the one that gets voted favourite. It’s as fun to use as it sounds, and it gets tasks done that makes it an assistant like no other. It can bring groceries to your door, remember to pay your bills before due, call for a plumber, get your yearly sugar levels checked on time, and arrange for that violin instructor, to get you to use that violin you bought three years ago.

Whimbling might not be a word yet, but chances are high you’ll be a pro at it faster than the time it takes to download the app.

Bhartiya is smart city for smart people. Personalised, efficient and undeniably clever; Whimbl ensures that you’re always plugged into life in the city. Available online or as a smartphone app, it was made for those who love to plan and for those who need a helping hand in a city that’s up there with the finest. Just like this city, Whimbl was made for one and all.

More than just a booking tool, Whimbl is the trustworthy personal assistant you’ve always wanted, capable of holding all your need to know information close to its cleverly coded heart. With your bills, credit cards and contracts all stored in a safe part of Whimbl’s brain, you’ll always have stress-free access to the things you rely on daily. Tap and swipe your way to a state of organisation like never before, because we’ve got an app that will help you to live, work, shop, learn and play. Let’s start Whimbling.

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