Nikoo Homes

In the four long years that we took to conjure up a Nikoo home, we discovered scores of truths that pertain to human happiness and better living. Two of them, we’d like to share.

Everyone speaks of the tangibles, very few are sensitive to the intangibles. Cinema Pods, Italian Kitchens and Infinity pools. Who can deny the joys they bring along with them? But equally vital to the happiness quotient of a place are the intangibles that it can offer you. Coziness, elation, nostalgia, serenity, the comfort of having a neighbour you can approach in an emergency, for which there’s no word. These emotions are what people really seek.

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Design can help us bring you these emotions. That’s the second truth. The how of it has been an obsession for each one of us. As a result our kitchens, you’ll see, are kitchens where you’ll enjoy cooking. Our balconies are large enough for a family of four to come together and enjoy a meal in the wonderful weather of Bengaluru. You might want to spend an evening just soaking in the sun at our bay windows. Neighbours here might move in as strangers, but our little pocket gardens on every floor will ensure they won’t remain strangers for long. No matter what your age, or where your passions may lie, it has been thought about and made space for in the Nikoo blueprint.

Take a look around. Better still, walk into the Discovery Centre where you’ll get a glimpse of the real thing. You will be able to appreciate what a Nikoo home is really about, and why it is such a delightful contrast to all that is available today.

Live a better, happier life

Whilst we know that everyone’s unique, there’s a tie that binds us. This is a place where quality of life is a shared dream. A residential community founded upon wellness, family, education, community and culture; every inch of it was designed, considered and delivered with your happiness and lifestyle in mind.

Less of a neighbour, more of a friend. Not just a number, the doctor knows your name. No such thing as strangers, a sea of familiar faces. This is village life for modern times.

Your Learning

Whether you’re 8 months or 80 years old, it’s human nature to want to learn more. At Nikoo Homes, we provide the opportunity for everyone to learn at any stage of life- after all, age is just a number. Take a cooking class, learn a new skill, challenge your mind and make new friends along the way. Grandma learning to paint at 80 never seemed so natural. The Learning Centre is there for you to do the things you love, whenever you’re ready.

Your Wellness

The essence of community doesn’t stop at the doctor’s door. We remember when every family had a dedicated family doctor and the trust between the patient and the doctor came naturally. We’re bringing those times back for good at Nikoo Homes. You’ll feel right at home with a doctor who knows your name and not just your number. With expert advice on hand from somebody you know and trust, staying healthy at Nikoo Homes couldn’t be easier.

Your Community

These days, cities are built on the foundations of concrete, but not ours. Community is our foundation. From the communal rooftop gardens to the Learning Centre for all ages, we’ve created spaces, environments, groups, activities and neighbourhoods that people want to be part of, making life in a Nikoo home about more than just four walls. Nikoo Homes was built around you, so now let’s build a community.

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