Mayor's Blog

My name is Snehdeep Aggarwal. In 1987, I founded The Bhartiya Group and now, I am the founder and first mayor of Bhartiya City. A fact I proudly accept. My beginning was small. I started my entrepreneurial journey with a sum of Rs. 5000, given to me by my father. Today I head The Bhartiya Group, which includes a well-established design studio in Milan, manufacturing capabilities in China, as well as offices and factories spread across the world.

My business has taken me around the world over the last 30 years. Born and raised in Amritsar, it was a great revelation to me that some of the greatest cities in the world – like Barcelona, for example – had striking similarities to my own little Amritsar. Both were planned and designed in such a way that one could easily walk or cycle to schools, hospitals and even work. It then hurt me to see that most urban centres in India are unfriendly to their own people. Our children cannot walk safely in the neighbourhood, let alone to school, because of broken pavements and chaotic traffic.

Having been in the design business for decades and experienced the best cities in the world, along with my own childhood in Amritsar, I’ve always wanted my fellow Indians to have the pleasure of walking or cycling to wherever they desire to go. I have always wanted our cities to be functional, but also beautiful. I have always thought I would build such an ideal city at some point in my life. That’s why I say, I am indeed lucky to have had the opportunity to design and develop Bhartiya City. Believe me, I am now solely guided by a mission to provide the citizens of Bhartiya City with a joyful living and working environment. This is why, as I said before, I am proud to accept the role as first mayor of Bhartiya City.

During the development of Bhartiya City, I shall share my thoughts and experiences with you as we go about building this City of Joy. I hope you will look forward to them.

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