Bhartiya City Centre


Shopping will elevate itself to fulfil emotional needs in people. People will seek understanding from the brands they choose. In a world bursting with choices, technology will be the shoppers greatest ally. Micro personalization will be the norm, be it in the goods that will be consumed, or the payment platforms or
the delivery mechanisms. The store environments will respond intuitively when a customer walks in – from
the music that plays, to the lighting to the goods made available to the shopper. Store Assistants will become Shopper Advocates. Shoppers will converge in places which go beyond pure retail and be a mix of retail, restaurant, entertainment and hospitality.

A vibrant city centre with total leasable area of 8 L sq.ft. that will offer over 150 stores/brands.

“For most people shopping is the greatest source of entertainment. With the help of intuitive technology and experience design, we will expand the definition of shopping to make it the emotional experience that it will be in the future.”

– Arjun Aggarwal
Managing Director

Highlights of the City Centre

The Convention Centre

This is the largest, most sophisticated, well equipped event space in Bangalore. It has spaces that can accommodate up to 6,000 people. The ideal place for a product launch, exhibitions or a conference taking place of an international scale.

Leela Hotel & Residences

The Leela Residences at Bhartiya City are limited-edition homes built to exemplify fine living. Set in the heart of the world-class Bhartiya City, these elegant residences bring the Leela’s legendary luxury together with Bhartiya’s distinct style. Every inch of The Leela Residences is impeccably designed by Bhartiya, while teams trained by The Leela ensure that from the moment you step in, every last thing is taken care of for you.

La Ramblas

The Ramblas is designed as a living, vibrant street scene with cafés, restaurants and
entertainment in a car-free area. At the upper levels, a bridge connects to the Central Park
and the BCIT across Bhartiya Boulevard. The top floor allows access to the food court and
destination restaurants. These will each have their own landscaped terraces overlooking
the parks to the east and west, and The High Street to the south.

High Street & Celebration Plaza

The Celebration Plaza forms the principal space to the south of the main shopping centre. Office towers above a retail podium form the edge between the main events’ space and the PRR road.


Lovers of movies will have a fully loaded 8 screen movieplex to keep their weekends fully engaged. Designed to provide the best cinema experience, our partners are collaborating with us to make this their marquee experience centre.


The City Centre retail concept recognizes that
technology is profoundly shaping how people shop, socialize and interact with the built environment. We aim to make technology as complementing and enhancing the shopping experience, as opposed to being cannibalized by online shopping trends.

The Culture Hub of Bengaluru

Bhartiya City is a city. It is a stage. It is a cultural hub. It’s a destination. With it’s impressive Centre for Performing Arts and it’s Convention Centre – the largest in Bengaluru, It’s a city designed for companies, artists, performers and storytellers to come and tell their stories. Not long ago, we were with William Dalrymple spellbound, as he took us along with him into his colourful journeys. The Edinburgh Science Festival took place here, to give a taste of the wonders of science to our future scientists. From musicians pounding their drums, to runners pounding the earth at the Puma Urban Stampede, there’s a lot that’s always happening at this most happening neighborhood of Bengaluru.

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