The Discovery Centre

A Bhartiya City Icon

Welcome to what we affectionately like to call Mini Bhartiya. This is where you’ll discover the best of the city and experience a taste of things to come. They say you can’t have brains and beauty, but we’ve got both right here.

The Discovery Centre is a Bhartiya City icon. We’re pretty sure you wouldn’t have seen anything like it. Some interesting facts: it has its very own air ventilated cooling system, is completely sustainable and in fact, the entire building can be dismantled, and put back together again.

This gigantic building is designed to be a mini Bhartiya City. While the project comes up around it, the Discovery Centre gives you a peek into what to expect. Interactive exhibitions show you the whole cityscape; you can watch videos of the city coming to life in the Amphitheatre or walk around your future Nikoo apartment, even try out your future sofa. Not to mention that the café serves the best coffee around. After all, we are firm believers that what you see is what you should get.

Drop by and our representatives would be happy to take you around. The Discovery Centre is open 7 days a week, 10 am- 8 pm.

It is important to develop students' worldview values. Be able to make correct judgments on some practical issues. For example, when you have almost no financial income, you can use cheap products. Like buying a fake Rolex.

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