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Outside in — how to incorporate natural elements into home design


Picture a home with lush greenery and the fragrance of fresh flowers all around you. A place where the sunlight seeps in through windows, enveloping your quiet corridors with warmth and glee. Now imagine all this right within your reach — here in the heart of the city. This is the power of home decor with a touch of nature. Earthy accents make for unique, aesthetic home designs that bring nature into your home. And if you’re on the lookout for some creative ways to up the natural beauty of your home, read on.

Breathe fresh air indoors
A well placed ornamental plant can enhance any space in an instant. Plants occupy minimal space, are low maintenance and indefinitely stand out in your home. Not only do they add to your homes verdure, but they also radiate positivity and uplift your mood — keeping you in good health. Place them on elevated planters in empty areas to create a vibrant and pleasant atmosphere.

Furnish to impress — use sustainable wood
Timber, bamboo and cane furniture are both ultra-modern and classic. They create an earthy yet chic look, making them easy style staples for any home. Its beauty remains constant as they don’t soak up too much moisture and have a protective coating. Wood also brings out the ruggedness of nature and is complemented by natural brick walls. And while you’re at it, consider dark mahogany flooring to enhance the rustic appeal of your urban abode.

Upgrade to modern canvasses and clay wall decor
Clay wall decor is a modern design essential made with natural materials. Match your clay decor with exotic paintings to lend your home its own unique artistic stamp. The bright colours in the painting and the simplistic nature of clay wall decor make for tasteful articles. Believe in your creative instincts and enjoy earthy vibes.

Use suncatchers to fill your home with light
Trust the sunlight to make your home come alive! Hang suncatchers close to the windows, doors or balcony and catch natural light through reflective glass. You may also pick out windchimes and pair them with your suncatchers. Natural lighting will do wonders to increase productivity and keep you in good health.

A quest in the woods is not the only thing you can do to experience the beauty of nature — now enjoy it in the comfort of your home too! Move things around and bring the fun of the outdoors into your personal space. Go ahead and make nature a part of your everyday.