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The Perfect Destination in Bengaluru for a life of Exuberance: Leela Private Residences


Do you wonder what it’s like living in your very own paradise where the world is at your feet? To experience the perfect blend of the past and the future? Look no further. Bhartiya City, or more fondly known as the City of Joy offers you everything your heart desires under one roof, from a shopping mall to cinema halls to Michelin star worthy restaurants to state-of-the-art apartments. Designed by architects and designers who are masters of their craft, find the perfect medley of futuristic innovations and old Bengaluru’s charm. The Leela Residences situated at the heart of the city is the epitome of luxury and offers you a life of exuberance and grandeur.

So, why Leela? Combining the forces of the futuristic innovations of Bhartiya City and the legendary Leela name, Leela Residences is the perfect destination for a life of unparalleled luxury and grandeur.

Incorporating the legends of the Leela franchise and India’s smartest city, Bhartiya City, Bangalore, Leela Residences is a gem among private branded residences. Leela Hotels is known to be a force to reckon with, in the Indian hospitality realm and Bhartiya City prides itself in offering you not just a city but a way of life. Bringing the two legacies together, the Leela Residences at Bhartiya City exemplifies fine living. With the Bhartiya design and quality and the signature Leela love and care, experience the best of luxury residences in Bengaluru.

The apartments are uniquely designed with decks on both the east and west wings giving you a front-row seat to the beautiful sunsets of Bangalore city. Come home to a world of grandeur with iconic Leela experiences that perfectly capture the essence of luxurious living. With house expert concierges, personal trainers, world-renowned chefs, chauffeurs, limousines, and even botanists who are at your service at any time of the day, get spoiled for choice every day at Leela. The Leela name has become a symbol of luxury in India with its flawless architecture and unmatched aesthetic. With the Leela Residences, own a slice of the Leela life for yourself and experience luxury personalized especially for you. The Leela Residences offer the opulence of the Leela chain at affordable prices, making it one of the most attractive investment opportunities in Bangalore. While there are alternatives to Leela Residences, there are none that offer affordable luxury as well as the benefit of being a part of the Bhartiya community, making it an investment that is worth every penny.

The Leela Residences is also home to state-of-the-art facilities such as a clubhouse, chef’s room, bar, library, creche, private theatre, spa, swimming pool, and a business centre. Whether it’s booking tickets to watch your favorite musician, to cooking up a culinary feast for your dinner party, there’s an expert for every job. With a myriad of amenities suited for all age groups, the Leela residences is the ideal space for senior living in the HNI category. Taking inspiration from our garden city, the Leela Residences overlooks the lush-green Central Park and is surrounded by nature’s scenic beauty. Designed to bring nature and people together, the beautifully landscaped views experience the modernity of urban living while staying in tune with nature.

Looking to unwind after a hectic day at work? Take your pick with a plethora of amenities at your doorstep. Whether it’s taking a plunge in our temperature-controlled pools, a rejuvenating visit to the spa, indulging in your favorite book at the library, binging your favorite series with loved ones at the private theatre, or a walk in the sky, we’ve got it all! Being a part of the Bhartiya community, you get easy access to retail hubs, fashion boutiques, multiplex cinemas, parks, boulevards, schools and IT parks as an added benefit.

Your dream home is just a move away. So what are you waiting for? Get the life you deserve and move into luxury at Leela now.