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From House to Home: Design and Decor

24.09.18 By Bhartiya Admin

So you’ve done your research and vetted the small stuff — the perfect house is now all yours. But it’s still far from your dream home, because a home is all about personal style, customised to suit the family it houses. And while a large part of creating a home is living your best life within its walls, there are physical aspects to take into account as well. When you’re personalising your home, it all comes down to interior design. So read on and learn how to get your decor to speak for you with these simple tips.

Make Some Space

Interior design is all about space and how you use it. It’s possible to make even the smallest room feel palatial if you use the area well. You can create the illusion of space with light-coloured walls and strategic decor placement, but what about using the room to its full potential? Believe it or not, it’s actually very simple — so long as you choose the right furniture. Modular and transformative furniture is perfect for customising a room to suit your needs without sacrificing space. So go for a chair that doubles as storage, or a desk that becomes a bed, and use the area in as many ways as you can.

A Splash of Colour

The colour scheme of your house is the first thing guests notice, so make the colour wheel your best friend and use it to choose colours that match your style. Here are some basic ideas to get you started.

  • Pick a palette from one the four colour schemes: monochromatic, analogous, triadic, and complementary
  • Start by choosing the decor first, then look for furniture in complementary shades before finally settling on a wall colour to tie it all together — although it sounds counter intuitive, this method makes it easier to find pieces that match your overall colour scheme Create an eye-catching contrast with an accent colour that will add depth to your design. Select one that stands out against your primary hues, while still complementing them, and add strategic pops of this shade with your accessories — or even a feature wall.

Accessories Galore

They say it’s the accessories that make the outfit — and it’s a sentiment that applies to interior design as well. Everything, from throw pillows to decorative knick-knacks, represents your personality, so accessorise wisely. Remember that a little goes a long way — you don’t need to clutter your home with curios when a few tasteful pieces will do. And don’t forget that the best design details don’t come from the store. A framed photograph or your child’s latest Lego sculpture adds more character than anything money can buy.

Personal Style

Don’t be afraid to play around with textures, furniture, and decor — let your imagination run wild! In the end, your home is a medium of self expression. You can showcase what you think is most important. Personalise the space as much as you can by incorporating your hobbies into your decor — build a vertical herb garden in the kitchen, or hang up your own artwork in the living room. Accent your couch with a quirky throw pillow or colourful quilt that brings out the hue of your walls. You can even upgrade your look entirely — maybe even install that sleek Italian kitchen you’ve always wanted. A home is the perfect canvas to represent your personality, and your decor can go a long way towards reflecting it.

In the end a home is more than just four walls and a roof. It’s a space where you’re free to live how you wish, where you and your family can make the precious memories that bring you closer together. And when you take the opportunity to allow your home to reflect your personality and lifestyle, it becomes all the more open and welcoming — allowing you to make a strong impression on guests without saying a word. So get decorating, and let your design do all the talking.

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