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From House to Home: Feature Focused

20.09.18 By

In our previous blog , we discussed how to lay the groundwork to purchase your dream home. But there’s more to choosing a home than just its location! In this case, the devil is in the details. So once you’ve got your basics in place, it’s time to focus on the little things that usually fly under the radar. Read on for a checklist of features and amenities that will help you choose a house that’s a perfect fit for your lifestyle.

All Part of the Floor Plan

 2 BHK or 3 BHK? Balcony or terrace? Whether you’re buying or renting a house, choosing the right floor plan is paramount — the layout of a house should be such  that you have ample room for your lifestyle. Furthermore, make it a point to take complete advantage of all the facilities your new house offers. A large terrace is great for Diwali or Holi festivities with the community while an expansive balcony can be ideal to launch paper planes and teach your child aerodynamics. Your home is the backdrop to these precious memories — so you need to choose a floor plan that is up to the job.

Let There Be Light

 The perfect home is one that’s perfectly lit, and the secret to this is windows — lots of them. So look for a home with sufficient light and ventilation; and a good view is an added bonus! Keep in mind that the windows in your home should adapt to all seasons, letting in bright sunlight in the winter while still keeping you cool in the summer. And bay windows are a valuable asset in this regard — add some comfortable seating and you’ve now got a cozy spot, bright enough to let you curl up with a good book all day long!

Practical Appliances

 An empty house can be the perfect blank canvas, but it’s not the best choice for the first-time home buyer. So, when you’re first starting out, having up-to-date appliances can save you a lot of hassle when it comes to maintenance. This doesn’t mean you have to look for a fully furnished home — furniture says a lot about your personality, after all — but keep the basics in mind. Will you need an AC, or will your windows provide enough ventilation? How old is the fridge? Is there generator backup? These are all important questions to ask your realtor or landlord, and a good seller will be willing to sit down with you and negotiate these points  — so you can choose a home that best supports your family and lifestyle.

Customised Just for You

 When you buy a house, you should be able to do with it what you wish. Bring your pets, your drumset or your dartboard — anything that makes your house feel like home. The more you can customise, the better. Every family needs a space that suits their particular needs, so choose a house that can be altered to your needs. Look for developers who allow you to choose what you’d like to do with your space — whether that means turning that third bedroom into a sophisticated home office or a funky game room.

Community Building

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you’ll cherish a neighbourhood that helps you experience things that you’ve long forgotten — whether it’s flying kites in the park on a lazy Sunday, or hosting an impromptu pool party on a hot summer afternoon. When choosing where to settle, take time to learn what amenities the area offers. Are there public spaces where your children can run free? Maybe the neighbourhood clubhouse has a monthly cooking class you can join. Look for a home with amenities that help you build lasting bonds with your neighbours based on your interests — a community that grows with you.

Features and amenities are a large part of what makes a house a home. They help you customise your space into one that fits your lifestyle — one that supports your family as it grows and evolves. Keep these details in mind during your house hunt and you’ll be sure to settle on the perfect house — which you can then turn into the perfect home.

This is part two of our series: From House to Home. Stay tuned for part three that’s coming your way soon!