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Open Source Festival at Bhartiya City

14.04.16 By Snehdeep Aggarwal

The fresh and cutting-edge Open Source Festival took place within the leafy greens of Bhartiya city on January 30th and 31st. Designed for those working in the world of IT who were looking for a spark of inspiration or just a hint of a new idea, the day was a huge success, providing a springboard for many looking to head in new directions in the industry. Those working for corporate IT companies and IT start-ups enjoyed a day of networking and industry discussion, but it wasn’t all business. The day also looked to bring people together for a day of music, food and fun – which just happens to be one of Bhartiya’s specialities. Emmanuel Balayer, VP, Bhartiya City beamed “we invite people to connect with us through such platforms and experience the joy at Bhartiya city, the City of Joy.” The festival was just one of the many recent fun-filled events to take place on the city’s grounds.

The smell from food trucks filled the air and Old Victoria, Bhartiya’s ice-cream truck was on hand to deliver sweet treats all round. Music was at the core of the occasion as Bengaluru-based fusion band Swarathma, as well as Beats Guru, DJ Lizo and DJ Sara all took to the stage to give the crowd a taste of their signature beats. Kids were able to enjoy themselves on the bouncy castle in the dedicated kid-friendly zone, whilst the mums and dads took advantage of the great weather and the day’s vast happenings. Tattoo artists were on hand to get creative on the bodies of the bravest of attendees, (although they were only temporary, we won’t tell), whilst those feeling more active enjoyed laser tag and zorbing, which were both great ways to let off steam for the weekend.

Great fun, fine weather, good food and excellent company all led to a successful weekend of events. Bhartiya City’s IT district is already up and running, providing office space for companies looking to thrive in the already booming Indian IT economy. With sweeping views of Bhartiya’s landscape alongside facilities in line with international expectations, BCIT looks to become a global hub for business in no time.

The event was organised in association with the Bangalore Mirror.