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Settling into a New City

15.07.16 By Bhartiya City

Packing your life into boxes can be tough in itself, not to mention the fact that you’ll soon be confronted with a world of unknown on the other side. Although moving to a new city can be a life-changing experience intertwined with elements of excitement, hope and anticipation for some, for others it can be daunting. Whether it’s work that brings you to Bhartiya City or it’s set to be your new forever home, we wanted to give you some top tips on how to settle in.


Do Your Research

Before you’ve even started to pack your suitcases, do some research to prevent any huge surprises upon arrival. Research the climate and culture as well as the city’s to-dos and you’ll already be one step ahead of the game. Take a walk around the city on Google Earth, or if possible, visit on a daytrip before you make the big move.

Make the Most of Resources

Not only is Bhartiya City meticulously planned, signposted and set out, but you also have the benefit of the intelligent community app at your fingertips. Always utilise technology and if ever in doubt, head over to the Discovery Centre to have your questions answered by our team of Bhartiya enthusiasts.


Ask Around

The best way to familiarise yourself with anywhere or anything is to ask somebody with experience and knowledge. Quiz your colleagues, grill your neighbours or even tap up the friendly barista at the local coffee shop- whatever you do, don’t be afraid to ask around for that inside, local knowledge. After all, there’s nothing better than a restaurant recommendation signed, sealed and delivered with a stamp of approval from a member of the local community. You’ll be an expert on your new city in no time.

Put Yourself Out There

Join clubs. Take up new hobbies. Meet people. You’ll soon find that your new city feels just like home with a few new acquaintances under your belt. Keep an eye on social media to stay up to date with the city’s latest meet ups and to join the latest community groups. And if you’re feeling brave, why not initiate a newbie meetup yourself?

Get to Know the Essentials on Day One


Track down those things you depend on daily. If you suddenly find yourself without them you might be left feeling uncomfortable, making the simplest of tasks seem arduous and overwhelming. Find the nearest supermarket, practice your walking route to work and make sure you know how to get from a to b, whether that be from home to the doctors or from the supermarket to the café.

Take Advantage of Connections

If you already have friends in the city, these should be used as a springboard to forming an array of new friendships. If you’re meeting a friend, ask them to bring one of their good friends. If a friend is throwing a party, go along and soak up the sea of potential friendship on offer.  If after this your friend count is still stuck at zero, try to get to know your work colleagues on a social level. Drinks after work or a chat at lunch can go a long way, plus you’ll be surprised by how many people also suffer from lost-in-a-new-city syndrome.


As an adult, making new friends can be difficult and the process can take a little longer. Although it’s good to use your initiative and to be pro-active, you should try to relax and don’t force the issue- those new friends will come along when you least expect it. That said, don’t forget about friends and family back home- they’re the ones who care for you the most and are there keep you grounded, no matter how far away they may be.