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Renovation, with a breath of fresh air


The spring of 2018 was awash with pastel shades, especially when it comes to interior design. This year, it’s all about bolder colors and fresh, eco-friendly decor. From DIY to small local businesses, there are a lot of options out there for refurbishing and upcycling. Need some inspiration? Read on for some easy modification ideas that you can employ to add a touch of personalisation and a pop of natural freshness to your home.

1. 70’s chic
The 70’s were an age of eye-catching, psychedelic designs. Geometric patterns were big back then, and have since made a comeback — a geometric patterned wall is a good idea for a feature that will introduce balance and symmetry into your home. In addition, statement furniture pieces like a fabric sofa in a vibrant pop of colour will add that necessary funk to an otherwise ordinary home office space. Throw in some plants, experiment with different fabrics and colours and voila, you’ve got yourself a 70’s chic home!

2. Artisanal fixtures
Gone are the days of drab rectangular tube lights, it is all about getting creative with lighting today. Upcycling a wine bottle to make an interesting light piece is a smart option that will give any space an artistic feel. If doing it yourself seems like a lot of work, small, local businesses can help you source artisan fixtures that will instantly become a topic of interest for everybody who visits.

3. Agate wallpaper
Agate is a volcanic rock that is a blend of beautiful shades of colour — like a natural marble painting! Agate wallpaper mimics the appearance of the rock without actually using the rare stone. It adds a punch of breathtaking colour to any surface it’s applied to, making it a great way to create a statement piece in your home. Consider covering a wall, a tabletop or the ceiling with this all-natural wallpaper for an aesthetic that will be envied and admired galore.

4. Brass decor
This is the year to change your metallic fittings — ‘coz brass is in and trending! Designers are giving this accent a nod as it gives a warmer, almost vintage feel that is aesthetically pleasing. Brass can also be recycled multiple times without losing its characteristic sheen, making it ideal for sustainable renovation. So say goodbye to the stoic coolness of stainless steel and polished nickel, and welcome the warmer brass to add some rustic charm to your home.

5. Re-frame your art
You can instantly breathe life into a drab room with the right art pieces — or the right framing. Just by changing the look and feel, your existing pieces can feel like a whole new addition to the room. Natural accents like wood and brick make for good framing, especially if you’re going for a more earthy look; alternately, you can use recycled material like refurbished pipes to create a trendy, industrial feel. The right kind of framing can really make your artwork stand out. Create a balance by pairing intricate frames with minimalistic art, and simple framing with detailed pieces. And if you’re feeling really bold, experiment by painting the frames in bright shades for a truly eye-catching display.

So this spring, ditch the oh-so-last-year pastels and artificial decor. It’s all about being bold, fresh, and au naturale. And most importantly, whether you’re recycling, upcycling, or renovating, don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through. Take your pick from our creative decor ideas and make your home a sustainable, green project.