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The Ultimate 2018 Recap of Bhartiya City

04.01.19 By Bhartiya Admin

True to its nature, another year has passed us by swiftly and surely — leaving us all breathless in its wake. What once felt like a distant possibility is now a memory in all our minds. And before these memories fade away, as memories tend to do, we at Bhartiya City want to capture them for posterity. So, come join us as we open the album of our community’s most-cherished moments from 2018 — the ones that made our days and our year.

  1. Ice Cream Truck Inauguration

When:15th May

Move over gourmet ice cream — Nikoo residents got their very own ice cream truck! This tempting vehicle has been making its rounds in the City since May and attracting sweet tooths of all ages. Just make sure you reach the Victoria Ice Cream truck before all the best flavours run out!

  1. Yoga Day

When: 21st June

Bhartiya City’s International Yoga Day celebrations saw residents of all ages taking deep breaths and stretching together. As they bowed down to the sun and chanted Om in unison, their energies came together to form an aura of good health in Nikooland. We’re looking forward to the next time we can recreate the magic of this peaceful moment.

  1. Black Swan Club Opening

When: 26th June

Nikoo residents’ wait for the ultimate hangout spot finally ended when the incredible Black Swan Club opened for business! It has since become everyone’s favourite place to see and be seen at. From play areas for children to eateries for grown ups, the Black Swan boasts something for everyone!

  1. FIFA World Cup Finale Screening

When: 15th July

Citizens of Bhartiya City experienced the thrill of the FIFA finals from the most exclusive seats there are — their home! Children and adults alike brought their best cheerleading skills to the Central Park for an exciting match between France and Croatia. And they all agreed that the true winners of the game were the enthralled audience!

  1. Urban Stampede

When: 2nd September

Even a lazy Sunday could not dampen the spirits of Bhartiya City’s active residents. The Urban Stampede — organised by The Fuller Life — saw healthy runners from across the city take over the Leela Lawns. After all, what better location for a run than a city that supports and promotes an active lifestyle for all!

  1. Cult Fit 10K

When: 6th October

With Milind Soman — India’s ‘Iron Man’ — flagging off the event, the Cult Fit 10K was all that a passionate runner could ask for and more! Each of the 1,500 participants were prepared to beat their own personal records and follow in Mr Soman’s footsteps while exploring some of the most scenic parts of the city.

  1. Dussehra

When: 20th October

We celebrated Dussehra in true festive spirit with Ghagras, Dandiya, and good food! The rustic mela-like setting was enough to take one back in time. To draw a fitting conclusion, the Ravan effigy burnt bright enough to bring light to the whole community on a pitch-black night.

  1. Saad Khan’s Improv

When: 17th November

Citizens laughed their hearts out at the comedic stylings of master improviser Saad Khan. Even members of the audience took turns to be a part of his hilarious set. His timely punchlines and unpredictable humour made for a delightful evening full of the best medicine there is — laughter!

As we look back at 2018’s favourite moments, we can only hope for more such events in the coming year. After all, while we throw away all our old calendars, our clocks keep ticking towards the future to remind us that there’s another year to live through and enjoy. And just like excited kids in a candy store, we can’t wait to see how the new year unfolds! So before the endless partying and new year’s resolutions leave us all breathless, here’s wishing you all a 2019 full of joy and happiness!