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Balance — the art of doing everything


‘Cherish these moments! They will go by really fast!’

You may have said this a lot, but don’t stress — there is still time for your little one to grow up. And before they strike out into the big bad world, it is important to equip them with the skills that will help them navigate through life in a better way.

Juggling work, personal life, and a million other things is difficult. That’s why it is important to instill coping strategies in your child that can help them navigate the trials of adulthood.

Here’s how you can give your children a head start to help them cope up with the pressure by teaching them how to strike a perfect balance between work and personal life.

(1) Stress Management
In the 21st century, stress is inescapable, but your children can learn to manage it. Develop this skill by encouraging them to have dialogues about things that worry them and initiate conversations about how they are feeling. You can also inculcate small habits like meditation, journaling and self-care to help them deal with their stressors in a controlled and calm way.

How it helps:
Teaching your children to manage stress during the early years will lay a strong foundation for their future, as they will be better prepared to tackle any challenge without getting too overwhelmed.

(2) Organisational Skills
Sure, check-lists and calendars sound boring, but they can be made fun when you incorporate them into your child’s everyday life. Work with your children and help them make lists, schedule their playtime, and plan their day the night before.

How it helps:
You can use these small tools to teach your children time management, and create an environment for stress-free learning. Taking the time to list down tasks and checking off items on the list can help them feel more in control.

(3) Healthy Lifestyle
It’s a no-brainer that a healthy lifestyle leads to a healthy mind. Integrate a systematic routine into your child’s life by promoting physical activity, a balanced diet and regular sleeping patterns. You can even put these routines on a wall to reinforce the idea of a healthy lifestyle.

How it helps:
Helping your children understand the importance of living a healthy life at a young age will allow them to create healthy routines as adults.

(4) Hobby
Hobbies can help prepare your children to balance their responsibilities and passions. Whenever your children are stressed, they can switch off from the world and find their calm by doing what they love.

How it helps:
Your children will be able to multitask between school, friends, and hobbies, which is a great practice for their adult lives. In addition, hobbies are great stress relievers and an outlet to build social circles that last.

Pro-Tip: All of this can only be achieved through positive reinforcement. Whenever your children accomplish something, genuine praise or encouragement will keep them motivated to continue the behavior in the long run — thus creating habits that will last well into their adulthood.

There is no better time to cultivate these habits in your child as this is the age when they will absorb the most information and learn behaviors that will follow them throughout their lives. With these techniques, your children will be able to handle everything that comes their way and not get bogged down by the challenges life throws at them.