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5 Ways to Get Creative in Bhartiya City

30.08.16 By Bhartiya City

Whether you’re destined to be the next Picasso or you’ve dabbled in the art of street dance, no matter your level, at Bhartiya City we encourage creativity from the grass roots through a host of classes and tutorials. Here are five ways to get creative in the City of Joy.

Cooking Class

Having mastered the family recipes and convinced the kids to eat their greens, you’re half way to becoming a culinary master. However, learning under the watchful eye of a professional can open up a whole new culinary world. Whether you want to cook better, healthier meals or you long to be able to show off to your guests at your next dinner party, there’s something to be taken from a cooking class for everyone. You’ll pick up new skills you didn’t know you needed and a set of ideas that can slot right back into your own kitchen. The sense of accomplishment alone is worth the journey, not to mention your new status as a culinary genius will make those around you love you that little bit more. After all, food is the way to the heart.


Learn a new Instrument

We hope to see the next leaders of a generation unleashed into the world having grown up within the City of Joy – and not just political leaders – we’re talking about those who excel in the arts too. From plucking the strings of a guitar to striking the skin of the snare drum, at Bhartiya City, if it makes a sound-  we’ll do our best to teach you how to play it. Whilst learning an instrument can foster any pent-up creativity and has also been proven by studies to make you smarter, learning to read music is a skill that involves rapid mathematical process, co-ordination and intuition- extending your education beyond the classroom whether you realise it or not. The learning process can boost confidence and your patience levels, as well as the number of people in your friendship circle as it opens up doors to group lessons.


Take a Dance Class

Not only is dance a great way to ignite your inner creative genius, but it’s the ultimate way to express yourself. Allowing your arms and legs to do as they please (within reason) in time to music will let your brain to switch off for some much-needed downtime and encourage your creative-side to take a front seat. That said, dance is a great stress buster, as exercise releases endorphins that make us happy. The health benefits are endless, as over time you’ll see your aerobic and muscular strength increase and your weight decrease. Bhartiya is offering dance classes in everything from hip hop to cha cha for anyone who’s keen to move to the beat.


Image Source: Flickr

Enroll in a photography course

With smartphones offering up as many different effects and settings as they are megapixels, these days, photography can be attempted by anyone. For those of you who want to capture life’s most beautiful moments in seriously high definition, a photography course beckons. Photography is a form of creative expression and taking a course allows you to develop your own unique style. Having learnt from a pro, next time you find yourself amid a once in a lifetime, breath-taking location, there’ll be no more out of focus, shaky, dimly-lit shots, as you make the transition from a novice to a fully-fledged master of the lens.


Get Arty

From mural painting to candle making and everything in-between, Bhartiya City’s talented team of art enthusiasts are offering all manner of activities for you to try. Art is one of those things that just makes people feel good. It relaxes the mind and allows for a sense of freedom and escapism that nothing else in this world comes close to, not to mention it lets your creative thoughts flow freely, whether that be onto paper or canvas. For beginners and professionals alike, art at Bhartiya City is both therapeutic and fun.