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Bhartiya City Sponsors Students from the University of Southern California

04.01.16 By Bhartiya City

Bhartiya City are proud sponsors of the design & architecture studio at the University of Southern California where a group of talented postgraduate and undergraduate students are currently perfecting their craft. Their studio and faculty have been tasked with the design of the Bhartiya International Financial Centre (BIFC), but even for such a keen and lateral-thinking group of fresh minds, this is no easy task. When you walk around the city, it’s clear that a strong attention to detail has led the way in the design of the buildings and spaces, so to produce design that fits in seamlessly yet stands on its own as unique, will require innovation and skill.

We are incredibly proud to be associated with this new and exciting programme and we look forward to seeing the end results. In the meantime, 26 of the university’s students made the trip across the ocean alongside two of their faculty members to join us at the centre of Bhartiya City to kick off the project. The group enjoyed an informative workshop hosted by Bhartiya’s chairman Snehdeep Aggarwal, alongside Arjun Aggarwal, Wong Chiu Man, Raghavan and Shama. The students were briefed on the concept of Bhartiya City, the story behind it and the design inspiration behind the entire project. At the end of it all, they were given the rare and privileged opportunity to work on a real life project in the form of BIFC.

After a memorable trip to Bhartiya City to kick start their design project, the group of students headed off to experience a number of other cities throughout India where they now look to draw  inspiration to incorporate into their own design and thinking.