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Bhartiya City Announces the Launch of Nikoo Homes II

13.10.15 By Snehdeep Aggarwal

Back in the day, cities were about community. Neighbours used to know each other’s names. Children would cycle. Beware the mango thief. But somewhere along the way, cities lost their soul.

At Bhartiya City, those old days are back. The City of Joy, as we like to call it, is a place where the charms of a little town sit happily next to the best that modern life has to offer. It’s also a place more and more people are calling home. After the successful launch of Nikoo Homes, I’m happy to announce the launch of Nikoo Homes II, situated in the southern district of this wonderful city.

Whether you’re a family of two or more, there’s a beautifully designed home waiting for you. In fact, when you move here, you move into a little community of your own. This is where aunts on the fourth foor send home-made brownies to their nieces on the seventh. This is where these nieces walk to school every day. Where they climb up trees on their way back home. This is where kids and grandparents can learn to play the piano at the Learning Centre. And do it all within minutes from home.

Nikoo Homes II is also a place full of surprises and new ideas. On the 33rd foor, you’ll find a Sky Park with a life of its own. It has shops, cafes and restaurants. It has jogging parks. It also has a dedicated Sunrise and Sunset Point. Who wouldn’t mind spending an evening watching the sun in the beautiful Bangalore breeze? I know I wouldn’t.

These aren’t just homes, they’re a new way of life. So if you’re interested in moving to a home that goes beyond just bricks and square units, do visit us at the Discovery Centre and see it for yourself. I’m certain you’ll like what you see.