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Turn Family Time to ‘Fun’ Time

11.12.18 By Bhartiya City

Do you remember the last time your family got together for an evening filled with unique activities? If it has been a while, then it’s time to plan another one right away. And that’s because spending an evening, or even a whole day, indulging in activities with the entire family is a great way to strengthen the bond that you share. It also helps create wonderful lifelong memories — something as simple as a regular visit to the movies can become a family tradition. It doesn’t matter what you choose to do, as long as it’s together; simple activities can be just as enjoyable as well-planned trips! But if you’re wondering where to get started or looking for some interesting activities, we’ve got you covered — from an enjoyable evening to an exciting day of learning, here are some fun things to do.

City Tours

With our busy lives, we often forget to explore the many different and amazing sights within our own cities. Or maybe you and your family are new to the city. In either scenario, you can explore home territory together by going on a guided tour of the city! Enlisting the help of a tour operator helps you save time and money, and removes the hassle of arranging transportation. It’s also a great way to meet like-minded people, folks who may have just moved to the city, or even future friends. What’s more, the entire family gets a crash course in the history of the city while taking in the various sights and sounds. Some cities even have walking tours that can be customized to your budget, time, or interests.

Pro tip:

Several holiday websites offer one-day city tours and walking tours of Bengaluru that are tailor-made to suit your interests. Whether it’s shopping or food, these tours and walks can help you experience the city in a brand new light. You could even rent a vehicle for the day to explore the sights yourself!

Back to Nature

If you are a family that is inclined towards open spaces and loves being in the lap of nature, parks are the ideal place for you. Most cities have several lung spaces that are open to the public, so you can easily plan a fun family picnic to help the entire family get away from the hectic pace of the city. You could also visit an amusement park and enjoy the rides or plan a day trip to a nearby zoo or bird sanctuary. What makes this even more appealing is that these activities are very light on the pocket but heavy on the fun quotient!

Pro tip:

Bengaluru is well-known for its parks and open spaces. Its famous Lalbagh and Cubbon Park have acres of space for a fun day out in the park, while Fun World, an amusement park in the city, has numerous rides and attractions. You could even plan a trip to Mysore Zoo or Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary just outside the city.

Building Knowledge

Museums, art galleries, and planetariums are among the best places to keep the entire family engrossed and entertained for hours. They help educate kids and adults alike about culture and art while ensuring that children develop a sense of curiosity about the world in general. In fact, gone are the days when these places were dry and monotonous — modern museums are interactive, and boast knowledgeable tour guides. What’s more, museums offer important connections to our past that may be overlooked in schools and provide opportunities for children to build on critical thinking skills. Visits to museums, galleries, and planetariums also encourage interesting conversations and questions — they could spark off a lifetime of curiosity and discovery!

Pro tip:

Nestled smack in the centre of Bengaluru city is the Science and Technology Museum, which gives children a unique and interactive way to understand the basics of science. The city is also home to several art galleries and other museums, as well as a modern planetarium, providing ample opportunities for entertainment.

Stay-at-home Fun

Board games are the perfect way to spend an evening indoors when the weather doesn’t permit outdoor activities or when you just don’t feel like leaving the house, and they make sure that the entire family is entertained for hours. In fact, planning family game time can even help you keep your kids away from the TV or prevent them from spending too much time on their iPads and PlayStations. While gaming and TV are fine in moderation, good old-fashioned board games with the entire family trump screen time every time! Besides, scheduled family nights bring about a sense of security for the kids, while board games help them exercise their creativity. Who knows? It may even be the start of a long and wonderful tradition of having regular family game nights!

Pro tip:

There are several places where you can buy games in Bengaluru, like Hamleys on MG Road, which is known for its extensive collection of games. Alternatively, there are several small cafes around the city that allow you to play the latest games within their premises, while also serving up tasty food to nibble on.

One of the side effects of modern living is the fact that we are often hard-pressed for time. To add to that, dealing with a tough workplace while negotiating traffic makes it harder to spend quality time with the family — but it’s not impossible. Setting aside time exclusively for the family will help everyone will be in sync with each other while also alleviating stress. It also has a positive effect on children, nurturing healthy habits while teaching them important life lessons. In fact, getting the family together can be great fun and is a wonderful tradition to start while your kids are still young. So, go ahead and make your plans to spend time with the entire family.