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Tot-e-Tete with Nikoo Children

22.10.18 By Bhartiya City

Tot-e-Tete with Nikoo Children
Pilot batch 6th October 2018
Crèche at Club House Nikoo Homes

The crèche at the Black Swan Club hosted its first workshop for children at Nikoo Homes. The workshop conducted by Eventz Kraft Media aimed at parent child engagement through various mediums like Yoga, dance, Drama and Storytelling. The event was for a duration of 90 minutes and started at about 10.30 am. These workshops are aimed at developing skills of confidence and independence.

Children showed a lot of interest in Story telling and all other activities. Magic show was a big hit with the kids across the age groups. There was a so much laughter and noise that the entire club house for once gathered outside the gates of the creche to check what the buzz is all about. Parents enjoyed participating with the kids and observing the way they were expressing and talking about the stories. Children showed a great sense of curiosity and had a great time interacting with other children. We look forward to doing more events to create a strong community and make our children stronger and better citizens.