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There’s an app for that — 5 apps to help you stay healthy


Staying motivated to keep fit isn’t as difficult as it seems. Be it to lose a few extra kilos or to follow a perfect health regime — health applications are a one-stop solution to all your health-related queries. Just open the app and voila — you can monitor your health on a personal level and track your weight, blood sugar levels, cholesterol among other specific health requirements.
If you’re a health buff or are on the look-out for good fitness applications to help you stay fit, look no further; here are 5 apps that will help you stay healthy.

HealthifyMe – Healthy you equals happy you

HealthifyMe provides fitness services at your fingertips. You can track over 55,000 foods and 1,500 exercises on the application; all you have to do is leave an update every time you workout or consume anything. The smart application also has a digital fitness coach that assigns you fun tasks every day to keep you on the right track with your fitness goals. – Cure your mind and your soul is a fitness and health application that offers digital and online experiences across fitness, nutrition and mental well-being. With it, you can simplify the process of working out and turn it into something more enjoyable, or take part in activities to improve your mood. Additionally, you can save time on planning a steady routine and preparing a diet chart. Just download the application and experience a new wave of fitness.

Google Fit – Your very own health coach

Google Fit partners with the World Health Organisation (WHO) to develop physical activities that impact health through a fitness tracker. This app functions as a personal health coach to help achieve fitness goals through customised coaching. Dial down the process of monitoring fitness activities with the help of this single application that will track it for you.

30 Days Workout – The perfect exercise calendar

This 30 Days Workout application is ideal for the ones who prefer following a strict fitness regime or a fixed diet plan. The application gives you workout reminders and reports based on your input. It sets aside a workout schedule with different exercises that you can do at home everyday. The application also has a special workout library that demonstrates multiple exercises to stay fit. Incorporate them in a smart workout plan and keep the hustle going.

What’s Up? – Spin around with a steady mind

What’s Up? is a mental health app that aims to create a positive balance in your life. The app provides Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) methods that help you cope with depression, anxiety, stress and anger among others. Use the comprehensive diary on the app to put down your thoughts; it is designed to help you overcome the negativity and motivate you to focus on your positive habits.

With counsellors, trainers and nutritionists just a click away, healthcare apps can help you lead a more refined life. They enable you to be more cautious about habits and plan routines for day-to-day well-being. Don’t wait up! Download a health application and take a step closer to a healthy way of living.