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Keeping Fit in the City of Joy

16.06.16 By Bhartiya City

Many people complain about how difficult it can be to balance city life with keeping fit, but in the City of Joy it couldn’t be easier, with an abundance of sports facilities spread across the city that will help you to get your daily sweat on. Over 300 green spaces connect people to places and places to things, creating the perfect environment to get outdoors. Whether you’re a fitness freak or a lover of light exercise in the mornings, Bhartiya City allows you to live your lifestyle, just the way you like it. Here are the top five ways to keep fit in the city.

Get on Your Feet

Whilst residents of New York and London might find themselves running through a concrete jungle of grey on a daily basis, at Bhartiya City you have the luxury of choice. A jog by the waterfront? A run along the rooftops? Or perhaps a brief stroll through Central Park along the 550 metres of track. There’s no need to keep your ears open for traffic or to deck yourself from head to toe in luminous clothing here, as all our walking and jogging tracks are completely dedicated to you and the task at hand. Surrounded by the lush green landscape and shaded by canopies that line the streets, putting one foot in front of the other on Bhartiya’s pavements is free, simple and an effective form of exercise.

Health and Fitness | Bhartiya City

Health and Fitness

Credit: Flickr
Explore Your Sport Facilities

Bhartiya City is home to not one, but three tennis courts. A sport that’s proven to be healthy for both the body and mind, the courts are open to be enjoyed for fun or competitively. Tennis can help you to lower high blood pressure and cholesterol, reduce the risk of heart disease and of course, keep your body weight at bay. It’s also a sport than can be played at any age, so why not teach the kids how to smash a great serve? If tennis isn’t up your street, (not literally, we know all too well that it’s on your doorstep) the city boasts three badminton courts, three squash courts, two and a half basketball courts, three cricket practice nets and a full-size football field.

Two Wheels

For many people around the world, cycling is a part of day to day life. Taking two wheels to work is not only a great way to keep fit, but it’s good for the environment too. Bhartiya is home to 8km of dedicated ‘cycle only’ paths that connect all the major parts of the city together. They’re safe, shady and create an efficient way to zip around the city. It’s faster than walking and lower impact than running, so if you’re looking for some light exercise, consider ditching the car pool and heading to work on your bike.

Cycle Stand | Bhartiya City

Cycle Stand | Bhartiya City

Credit: Bhartiya City
Your Farmer’s Market

Keeping fit and staying healthy isn’t all about how many calories you burn, it’s just as much about how many you consume. We know just how great the restaurants down on the boulevard are, but if you’re looking to keep trim- eat out less and cook more. Head down to your local Farmers’ Market to pick up the freshest ingredients from Bangalore and beyond, hand delivered by your local farmers. Cooking with fresh ingredients means you’ll be more likely to cook with your health in mind. For example, you’re less likely to buy a carrot and turn it into a sticky-sweet Gajar Halwa when you buy it alongside a selection of other fresh vegetables that would much more comfortably be assembled into a summer salad.

Farmers-market-vegetables | Bhartiya City

Farmers Market | Bhartiya City

Credit: Flickr
Use the Space Around You

City life can be busy. If you find yourself short on time, then why not work out within your spacious Nikoo apartment?  You’ll still break a sweat, burn some calories, and your balcony awaits post-workout for you to retire to with a cold drink amid the cool Bangalore breeze. Or better yet, join the gym over at the Black Swan Club. It’s state of the art, air conditioned and has the choice of equipment needed to keep every muscle in the body active. There are also a number of classes available to sign up to that range from yoga to pilates, providing you with the guidance you need. Aim for 30 minutes of physical exercise a day and you’ll be in shape in no time at all.

Bhartiya City photographed in Bangalore India on November 05, 2012 Photograph by Namas Bhojani

Nikoo Apartments | Bhartiya City

Credit: Nikoo Homes