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Your Farmers’ Market: The Natural Choice

15.07.16 By Bhartiya City

Gadget-happy, shopaholics may find it hard to believe there was a time when the supermarket didn’t exist and food came directly from the hand that grew it. With no Big Bazaar across the street and the notion of online shopping a mere pipe dream, communities lived off local farmers’ produce. At Bhartiya City, we’re not afraid to bring back the good old days. Communities want better, fresher produce coupled with fairer, more considered transactions for both parties, so it’s no surprise that farmers’ markets are a trend on the up worldwide. A strong reflection of the local culture and economy, the humble market looks to bring back the spice of life, and here’s what makes it great.

The Best that Money Can Buy

Buying directly from the market eradicates any potential for that unwanted bitter taste in your mouth, as in exchange for your hard earned cash you receive the freshest produce money can buy. Many supermarkets artificially ripen produce and allow it to sit in storage before transportation even begins, but not here. All produce is grown with love, handled with care, allowed to ripen fully and transported to you over a short distance. You can sleep soundly knowing that your food was grown and cared for organically without the help of pesticides and genetic modification- at your Farmers’ Market, perfection comes naturally.



Seasonal Taste Sensations & Variety

Local specialities and hard to come by goods are in abundance at your local market, trumping the supermarket’s array of fresh, seasonal produce. Your farmers know what’s hot and what’s not and as the seasons roll in, so do your favourite tastes. With pumpkins on offer in the summer and yams crying out to be baked in the winter- you’ll have all the ingredients you need to keep your cooking repertoire as fresh as the raw ingredients that go into those seasonal recipes the family love.


Support the Community

With agribusiness dominating much of the food production industry, supporting your local farmers couldn’t be more important. They’re a part of your community and buying from them directly not only gives them a better return on their produce, but you can feel good about putting something back into your community. Less transportation and handling means a better product for you as well as an easier ride for your community farmers.




Know the source

Shopping at the Farmers’ Market means knowing exactly where your food has come from. There’s no mystery of where it’s been, where it was grown and how it was handled, because your farmers are on hand to answer all your questions in person. This is as close to the source as it gets without getting your hands dirty and growing it yourself.


Connect with Your Community

Getting to know your local sellers is a big part of the Farmers’ Market vibe, and seeing the same friendly faces every Saturday morning will allow you to shop in confidence. Exchange recipes, receive cooking tips and share stories. Your sellers are sure to be brimming with ideas on what to do with the produce that’s close to their heart. Make pushing a shopping trolley around a busy supermarket a thing of the past and enjoy the colourful, open air market experience with friends and family alike.