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Boring to Beautiful The power of feature walls

26.02.19 By Bhartiya City

Looking at the same interiors day in and day out can get a little tiring. But frequently changing decor requires a lot of time and energy –– two things most of us can’t afford with our busy lives. But feature walls are here to save you the hassle –– a quick and fun way to highlight your interiors and create a bold statement.

A feature wall is a stand-out-feature that adds personality and creates that perfect finishing touch to your home.The materials you use can really transform of a space; here are a few  ideas that can turn your walls from blah to bold in no time:

–       Play with paint

A simple change in colour on a wall will make a world of difference in transforming your interiors. A splash of paint adds texture, detail, and colour to boring surfaces and brings a fresh feel to your home. Your wall colours also make a world of a difference in changing the mood of your space. Go for pastel colours if you want an elegant and calming vibe or bright reds and yellows for a funky and energetic vibe. And if you are feeling adventurous, take things into your hands and paint unique designs with palettes composed by you!

Protip: Get creative with stripes for a bold and vibrant look. Geometric patterns and abstract paint designs will also break monotony and liven the space.

–       Stories in stone

Stone walls are dramatic stand-out-features that can instantly transport you to medieval castles in the English countryside. They lend homes a rustic yet chic vibe and immediately grab the eye. Whether you use them as a stand-alone feature or as a background to mount your TV and other accessories, stone walls are sure to add a touch of class to your home. They lend depth to rooms, making spaces seem larger while also bringing a touch of the outdoors into a home.

Protip: Real stones will make your rooms warmer in the summer and cooler in the winter. If that is a big no-no, stone decals will give you the same ambience with none of that temperature whiplash!

–      Life sized art

Gone are the days when art was confined to a frame. You can now magnify paintings, illustrations and photos directly onto your walls with murals.  Designs can be custom-made, ranging from floral and nature motifs to contemporary art. There are even glow-in-the-dark murals if you want to be really creative. Let your imagination run wild and turn your wall into something that inspires and resonates with you. This is your chance to add that personal touch you’ve always wanted!

Protip: Cover up oddly shaped walls with murals. You favourite piece of art can be the center of attraction and shift the focus from any oddities in your interior.

–       Get some green in 

Step away from conventional designs  and breathe some life into your home with green walls. These vertical living structures allow for plants to grow indoors without taking up floor space. They will soothe and relax you while also doing wonders for your health. With the pollution levels rising day by day, what better way to save your lungs than going green?  These vertical gardens come with their own irrigation facilities too, so there is no effort required from your part to maintain these beautiful green spaces.

Protip: Ferns make for great vertical gardens. They don’t need too much water or space to grow. However, don’t forget to make sure that you plan your wall in a place with sunlight for your plants!

–   Accent with accessories

If you don’t want to commit to a complete wall makeover, you can dabble in signature accents that pack an extra punch. Paintings, mirrors, wall decals – the choice is yours! There are a multitude of options to choose from for a quick and easy fix to create a stand out feature. Accessories also add character without burning a hole through your pocket. Experiment with different accents and create something that’s uniquely you. Pair it with quirky furniture and you will have interiors that you can constantly modify to suit your mood.

Protip: Already got a stone or coloured wall? Don’t leave it bare. Add a couple of accessories to your walls for an extra wow-factor!

Feature walls can turn even a simple interior design into a memorable and unique one. They are also great conversation starters. Best of all, they don’t take up any space! Whether you live in a studio apartment or a sprawling villa, you are going to have walls, so might as well make use of them! Play around with different combinations to find out what works best for you. With just a little bit of a personal touch, you can turn your house into a dream home.