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All Good in the Neighbourhood: The Benefits of Community Living

06.11.18 By Bhartiya City

Today’s world is over-saturated by interpersonal interaction. So it’s no wonder that many people are happy to spend their meager free time buried under a mountain of blankets, enjoying their own company. However, this self-imposed isolation can compound the problem, when, paradoxically, the real secret to a richer life is community living. As surprising as it may sound, getting involved in community activities can go a long way in soothing your restless spirit. Let’s go over just a few benefits of this collaborative lifestyle.

Happier, Healthier

Fun fact: you’re happier when you’re around other people. Humans are gregarious by nature, so it’s no surprise that extended periods of isolation can have a negative impact on our mental and physical health. That’s where communities offer a neat solution. They allow us to share experiences and simply enjoy spending time with other people. This can actually lead to lower levels of anxiety, depression, and mental fatigue as well as reduced instances of physical problems like chronic illnesses. Even something as simple as staying fit is easier when you have a community to fall back on — you’re more likely to get into a healthy routine if your peers do too. And you’ll be motivated to stick to it thanks to your encouraging support system.

Cure for Boredom

If you’ve ever been in a mental slump, you’ll know that there are few things more frustrating. You become listless, easily distracted, and increasingly annoyed with yourself at your lack of motivation. These ruts are streaks of negativity that can be difficult to break — unless you have help. One of the unexpected benefits of community living is the opportunity to experience new things. Your local community is a great place to rediscover your passions and explore new interests, whether it’s watercolour painting, Zumba, game design, or anything in between. Classes, workshops, and events covering every topic under the sun can be found in any city — sometimes in your own neighbourhood. These classes have the added benefit of creating a community of like-minded people that give you the push you need to give form to your big ideas.

Shared Knowledge

Communities are an amalgamation of people with different stories to tell. Even the smallest interactions, like sharing the lift with a neighbour, can leave you with something new. The older couple two floors down may be experts in home remedies; the techie next door might know the best places to grab a bite to eat in the city. This crowdsourcing of information results in specific information from a reliable source — after all, there’s nothing like personal experience to gain an informed world view. And if you’ve ever been part of a community forum or WhatsApp group, you’ll know that information spreads quickly among neighbours, whether it’s the latest update from the society president or reviews of the latest Hollywood flick. Community living gives you a wealth of information — at your doorstep, quite literally!

To some, communities may seem like a relic of the past, especially in an era where looking out for yourself is top priority. But no man is an island — you only stand to enrich your life by getting involved with your local community. Whether this means signing up for a dance class or attending movie night, just remember, when you live in a community it’s all for one and one for all!