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Reaching for our roots

‘Urban’ and ‘modern’ are terms that go hand in hand — it’s difficult to imagine a city without thinking of sleek skyscrapers with shiny glass facades. But no matter how modern today’s urban centers seem, they are all built on ancient foundations, strong enough to withstand the passage of time. This could refer to anything from a particular cultural philosophy that has lasted through the decades or physical components of ancient cities seamlessly integrated into the urban landscapes of today.

While at first glance, tradition and progress seem to be paradoxical thoughts, in reality, modernity must be backed by history in order to exist.


Apartment Goals – Little ways to make your home Pinterest ready

While growing up, most of us had a single room to make our own. Or even if we shared a room with a sibling or with a dorm full of classmates, there were always spaces that we wanted to claim as our own. So, we put up posters of movie stars and pop icons that left ugly sellotape marks on our walls, and called it home. And that is exactly what ‘home’ means — a place that reflects who you are.

However, as an adult, designing your entire apartment with that same personal flair becomes a little trickier than simply slapping a glossy film poster on the wall.


The More You Know

Knowledge is power –– you may have seen this phrase on classroom posters or heard it thrown around in conversation. But although everyone recognizes the inherent power of knowledge, most people stop actively trying to learn, especially after their formal schooling.

Try to think back to the last time you researched something purely out of interest, not just because you were looking up something work-related. Like most adults, the last time you probably took pleasure in learning was in childhood. If you think back, you might remember devouring content relating to your special interest of the week to find out everything you could on the subject.


Outside in — how to incorporate natural elements into home design

Picture a home with lush greenery and the fragrance of fresh flowers all around you. A place where the sunlight seeps in through windows, enveloping your quiet corridors with warmth and glee. Now imagine all this right within your reach — here in the heart of the city. This is the power of home decor with a touch of nature. Earthy accents make for unique, aesthetic home designs that bring nature into your home. And if you’re on the lookout for some creative ways to up the natural beauty of your home, read on.


Party planning 101 — a step-by-step guide to throwing the perfect party, the easy way

Everyone loves a good party, and if you enjoy playing host, throwing a bash at your home is the ideal weekend activity. But putting together a party can be incredibly time-consuming, especially if you want it to be perfect down to the last detail. To help you out with this, here’s a list of the essential elements of any spectacular party, and how to organise them all without too much trouble.


Lights On!

Lighting, when planned and used correctly, can work wonders in a living space. It can raise the aesthetic appeal, change the mood and even increase the perceived size of a room. With the right placement and style, you can enhance the colours, size and furniture of the room to create the perfect combination of functionality and style.

Read on to learn more about lighting — the basics, the different types, and some handy tips.


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