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More Space for your Place

26.11.18 By Bhartiya City

Everyone could use a little more space, but it’s a luxury that’s becoming more and more difficult to find in the modern urban landscape. However, just because your home is small, doesn’t mean it can’t feel large. All it takes is some imagination and creative interior design and you can make even the most cramped space seem palatial!

Expanding your borders

The easiest way to add a fresh perspective to a small room is to expand its borders — or, at least, create the illusion of doing so. Your walls, ceiling, and floor can be utilised to make your room seem taller or longer with some careful colour selection and coordination. By going with a light or neutral colour scheme for the walls, you can make a room feel a lot more open and airy. But why stop there? Use patterned wallpaper on the ceiling — or paint it a bright jewel tone — and your space will feel taller, as well as wider. Choosing the right accents for the room will also help sell the illusion of increased square footage. A striped rug, oriented to the length of the room, can seem to increase its breadth, while sheer curtains can give a room more depth without sacrificing natural light. Don’t be afraid to mix and match to find the right designs for you!

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

When you want to make a small space feel much larger, a mirror is your best friend. Strategically placed mirrors will reflect open spaces in the room, adding much needed depth to the space, potentially doubling the perceived size of the room. While this effect is more pronounced with a mirrored wall (think dance studio), it’s not always the most practical option. But never fear — just use a large, framed mirror as the focal point of the room. It may not be able to tell you who’s the fairest in all the land, but it will go a long way in making your space feel airier.

Increased Shelf-life 

In small spaces, it can be difficult to store everything you own without turning your home into a cluttered mess. You could always embrace the minimalist movement, but if you’d prefer not to ditch your prized possessions, there is another option. Look at bookshelves that stretch from floor-to-ceiling or wall-to-wall. It’s a two-for-one deal — you increase your storage while also increasing the height or breadth of your living space. But don’t cram every shelf with items — leaving some empty space can help the room feel less cluttered!

Furniture fixings

Most people like to follow an age-old rule: the smaller the space, the smaller the furniture. And while this may seem logical, it’s far from the truth. In reality, a few larger pieces of furniture, placed just slightly away from the wall, can drastically increase the perceived size of a room. And, whenever possible, go for multifunctional furniture. An ottoman that acts as both seat and table can reduce the amount of items in the room, for example. If it can be folded, stacked, or otherwise stored in an unobtrusive way, all the better. The other option is flouting the rules entirely and going for offbeat furniture — who needs a bed when you can rock yourself to sleep on a hammock instead?

We all know that space is a valuable resource, and we could always use more of it. And while we may not be able to to physically expand our square footage, with just a few simple tricks, even the smallest space can seem more spacious. So give these ideas a shot and turn your space from crowded to cozy.