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Renovation, with a breath of fresh air

The spring of 2018 was awash with pastel shades, especially when it comes to interior design. This year, it’s all about bolder colors and fresh, eco-friendly decor. From DIY to small local businesses, there are a lot of options out there for refurbishing and upcycling. Need some inspiration? Read on for some easy modification ideas that you can employ to add a touch of personalisation and a pop of natural freshness to your home.


Problem Shared, Problem Halved

What’s the best way to get a room full of people to get very quiet, very quickly? Bring up climate change. In fact, it’s one of the most talked about hush-hush topics of recent years. Despite its popularity on blogs and political debates, a study by National Public Radio found that 85% of teachers don’t teach this topic in schools. Even among those who acknowledge the seriousness of the situation, there is a strong debate on how to combat it. Do we switch from plastic bags to cloth? Invest in reusable straws? All solutions seem to be geared towards what individuals can do to live more sustainably.


Make Your Own Happiness –Take a break from adulting and let the inner child choose your way

To children, the world of adults is one of wonder and limitless possibilities. They can drive cars, and explore the world, they can ride roller coasters and they can stay out past sundown! Yet as adults, our nostalgia for childhood often replaces the carefree fun we thought we’d be having. It’s the age old conundrum about the grass being greener, but maybe we need to take a closer look at the grass!


Syncing Your Health With Work

Working a 9-5 job can be hectic – especially in a city like Bangalore where traffic to and from work constantly comes to a standstill. By the time you reach home, you’re too tired to even process words like working out and eating healthy. A change in lifestyle may be just what you need, so don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are a couple of tips and tricks you can follow if you’re stuck in a cubicle all day.


Paradise in your Balcony

When you think of gardens you probably imagine the lush greens of Cubbon Park, or the carefully curated blooms of Lalbagh. These vast expanses of flora are certainly impressive, but what if you wanted to bring some of that colour home? Well, balcony gardens are a simple way to create a little slice of paradise in your abode. With just three easy steps, you can have a lush, vibrant, and sustainable greenspace in your very own balcony.


3 Unique tips that will double your home space

The ultimate secrets for creating multi-purpose spaces in your home

With rents going through the roof, and cities becoming increasingly overcrowded, big and spacious homes are becoming rare. This doesn’t mean that you can’t design the home of your dreams; it just means you have to find more creative, space-saving ways to do so.

One of the best ways to maximise your space is by creating multi-purpose areas in your home. Multi-purpose spaces allow you to utilize limited square footage in the most efficient way, creating spaces in your home that are not just multi-functional, but also elegant and quirky.


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