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Staying Tidy: Why the KonMari method works

If you’re the kind of person that embraces minimalism — or at least attempts to — every new year, but ends up overwhelmed by the sheer amount of possessions you own, then the KonMari method is for you. Netflix sensation Marie Kondo is the brains behind this revolutionary concept which asks that you discard those things that don’t ‘spark joy.’ And to say it’s turned into a bit of a craze would be an understatement — Kondo’s books have sold over 10 million copies worldwide, and as a result of her show ‘Tidying Up’, thrift stores across America saw a massive surge in donations.


Go green, keep cool

It’s mid-March and it looks like Bengaluru is gearing up for its warmest summer yet. With each year getting warmer, finding new, innovative ways to keep cool seems almost impossible — especially if you are looking to minimize your environmental footprint.

Ironically, the one hope for respite from the sweltering heat — air conditioners — might be contributing to the problem itself. Air Conditioners largely run on electricity, and we don’t need a scientist to tell us that using electricity generated from non-renewable resources contributes to global warming. Does this mean that we begrudgingly swear off our beloved air conditioners for good?


Why Millennials are NOT Killing the Housing Industry

Millennials. If the media is to be believed, they’re the most prolific serial killers of the modern era. There are, after all, countless articles on millennials ‘killing’ industries every other day. As it happens, the reality is that millennials (also known as Generation Y) aren’t killing anything, they just have unique values that guide their purchasing behaviour — especially for investments that affect their lifestyle. For example, in recent years, millennials have become the largest demographic of house-hunters.


The solo life — things to keep in mind when striking out on your own

Living solo is a much hyped and well-marketed idea — and with good reason! For some it could mean stepping out of their parent’s shadow while for others it could be learning about the importance of spending time alone. But like all exciting journeys, this too will need you to step out of your comfort zone and make some bold choices. Sounds fun, right? Read on to learn how you can ride the ups and downs of solo living with just a little bit of planning and saving.


Erasing the e-waste problem

It’s not uncommon these days to find a handful of wires in some corner of our home, and have no idea as to what they are used for. And it’s not just wires. As our homes overflow with gadgets, many of our electronic devices gather dust simply because we do not know how to get rid of them. Disposing e-waste safely is one of the biggest issues we face today and poses a huge problem, especially considering the booming gadget and electronics industry that’s gathering speed every day.


Boring to Beautiful The power of feature walls

Looking at the same interiors day in and day out can get a little tiring. But frequently changing decor requires a lot of time and energy –– two things most of us can’t afford with our busy lives. But feature walls are here to save you the hassle –– a quick and fun way to highlight your interiors and create a bold statement.

A feature wall is a stand-out-feature that adds personality and creates that perfect finishing touch to your home.The materials you use can really transform of a space; here are a few  ideas that can turn your walls from blah to bold in no time:


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