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Welcome to the 21st century, where everything you could possibly want is available on demand, and often with free delivery. When any luxury, from fine dining to high-definition cinema, can be enjoyed from the comfort of your home, we understand the urge stay in. This stay-at-home philosophy has trickled into some other peculiar aspects of life as well. But one thing we’re glad got the home-delivery treatment is vacations.


Functional Design: The new mantra of modern houses

Whether you are moving to a new place or want to give your house a makeover, decorating and renovating can be a fun project. And even better, it’s loaded with opportunities to reflect your unique style! In case you didn’t get the chance before, now you get to decide what goes where and what you’d like to replace or renew. And the best part? There is no one way to do it. Read on and get inspired by these design ideas and interior design tips that can help transform your house into your dream home.


A Crash Course in Zero-waste Living

Zero-waste — a word many of us may have heard before — is a lifestyle choice that has come into the limelight in recent times. But what does zero-waste living really mean?

At its core, it is a form of sustainable living in which people actively work to reduce waste and adopt eco-friendly practices. And the reason for its growing popularity? People are becoming more environmentally conscious and, as a result, are trying to curb their contribution to environmental degradation.


From House to Home: Design and Decor

So you’ve done your research and vetted the small stuff — the perfect house is now all yours. But it’s still far from your dream home, because a home is all about personal style, customised to suit the family it houses. And while a large part of creating a home is living your best life within its walls, there are physical aspects to take into account as well. When you’re personalising your home, it all comes down to interior design. So read on and learn how to get your decor to speak for you with these simple tips.


From House to Home: Feature Focused

In our previous blog , we discussed how to lay the groundwork to purchase your dream home. But there’s more to choosing a home than just its location! In this case, the devil is in the details. So once you’ve got your basics in place, it’s time to focus on the little things that usually fly under the radar. Read on for a checklist of features and amenities that will help you choose a house that’s a perfect fit for your lifestyle.


From House to Home: A Simple Guide to Property Investment — Part 1

Everyone has a dream home, whether it’s a quaint bungalow on a tree-lined street or a top-floor apartment nestled within a friendly community. But the first step — the intimidating process of buying a house — often stops would-be homeowners in their tracks. Investing in property is challenging enough for veteran homebuyers, and for a first-time buyer it can be positively overwhelming — especially when the real estate market always seems to be offering everything you’re looking for at a price that is just beyond your budget. And to top it off, industry terms like mortgage and property tax can be confusing to anyone who isn’t familiar with the property investment business. So let’s try and simplify the process of buying a house before we talk about turning it into a home.


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